Tsundere Rom-Com ‘Akkun to Kanojo’ is Getting an Anime

Who doesn’t love a good tsundere? Their harsh exterior may put outsiders off, but there sweet and lovely hearts win them admiration.

Love Live!

Most tsundere in anime and manga tend to be girls, but Akkun to Kanojo (Akkun and his Girlfriend) is flipping the script!

Akkun to Kanojo

An anime adaptation has been announced for the manga. It’s a romantic-comedy that follows the daily life of Atsuhiro “Akkun” Kagari and his girlfriend Non “Nontan” Katagiri. Akkun is extremely tsundere, and his verbal insults make people believe that he hates her. In truth, Akkun is deeply in love with Nontan and has a stalking habit. Nontan thinks both sides of Akkun is adorable and is more than willing to put up with his quirks.

Kakitsubata launched the josei series in June 2013, and over 480,000 copies are in print. The series is available on pixiv, where it has been read over 11 million times.

Akkun to Kanojo

More details about Akkun to Kanojo will be revealed at a later date.

I love all things that are cute, magic-based, and easy going! My biggest obsessions of all time are Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches and Fairy Tail. Let's go shipping!
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