22-year-old artist loundraw has been making waves within the industry thanks to them designing the cast of Tsuki ga Kirei.

Tsuki ga Kirei

Loundraw’s work (and praise) netted them some major help with a very special project. The artist graduated college this year and they created an anime short for their graduation project. The work is titled Sameru made (Before you wake up).

The video, which is trending within the community, asks viewers if they would sacrifice a person’s life to ensure world peace.

Sameru made

Sameru made follows Yuki, a girl who has the power to control the world’s fate, and Sōta, a college graduate who is preparing for job hunting. The two cross paths one day, which triggers a memory within Yuki. Unfortunately, Sōta doesn’t recall Yuki’s face. Even sadder is that the short is only for a project: it’s not leading into a full series.

Loundraw wrote and animated Sameru made, but they received support from Aniplex, Music Ray’n, Straight Edge, THINKR, and imenterprise. The connections allowed Loundraw to work with veteran voice actors Hiro Shimono (voice of Sōta) and Sora Amamiya (voice of Yuki). BUMP OF CHICKEN’s songs “66-gō-sen” and “angel fall” were used in the video.

Sameru made

Loundraw’s early success and fame have some online commentators buzzing about their future contributions to anime. Maybe their project will be turned into a series or a movie one day? No matter what happens, loundraw looks to have the talent to make an impact on the industry.

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