Tsuki ga Kirei’s Anime Studio Shares a Lovely Art Collection

Feel., the anime studio behind last season’s Tsuki ga Kirei (As the Moon, So Beautiful), shared a sketch collection showing off the staff’s weekly artwork for the series. Each sketch was used to promote a new episode and featured a different cast member.
















If you missed out on Tsuki ga Kirei, it’s a really cute and low-key romance series that follows third-year junior high students. Kotarou and Akane are classmates for the first time, and they start to warm up to each other. The only problem is that the pair and their friends are quickly approaching their graduation date, which doesn’t give them much time to bond. Throw in other junior high issues and school life, and you have a warm melodrama.

Tsuki ga Kirei

What makes Tsuki ga Kirei special, besides its art style, is the simple story. There is no magic, no quest to save the world, or unnecessary fanservice. It’s just a group of friends find love and hanging out during their last year of junior high. With how the Japanese school system is set up, the friends are not guaranteed to attend the same high school – it’s based on test scores and districts. For some people, it’s a crazy relatable series that captures the rollercoaster of emotions before graduation.

Tsuki ga Kirei
Did I mention that the background art is gorgeous?

Anyways, you should totally watch Tsuki ga Kirei if you haven’t done so. And if you have, what was your favorite moment from the series?

SOURCEfeel. Official Twitter Account
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