‘Trinity Seven’ is Getting a Sequel Anime Film

The sexy (and action-packed) Trinity Seven is coming back for a new movie. This will be the second movie in the franchise.

Trinity Seven

Kadokawa has been teasing “important news” related to the series since last month. After the reveal, Kenji Saito shared his disbelief that another movie was being made and Akinari Nao thanked fans for their continued support. The duo has been working on Trinity Seven since 2011.

The harem series follows Arata Kasuga, a boy who transfers to Royal Biblia Academy to investigate a mysterious destructive event that killed his cousin. While there, he learns that the academy is home to seven powerful girls and he aims to use their powers.

Seven Arcs Pictures produced a 12-episode adaptation that aired in 2014 and a movie that debuted last year.

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