Top 27 Most Moe Anime That Will Attack Your Heart

It’s nice to take a break from some of the cynical stories that dominate modern anime and to relax with some moe tales. These anime will fill you with happiness, joy, and probably give your heart a feels attack!


For when you need the most moe anime to help make sense of this crazy world.K-On!


For when you need cute friends chilling in the scenic countryside.Non Non Biyori


For when you want the adorable French café atmosphere to go with your caffeine juice.Is the Order a Rabbit?


4Kiniro Mosaic

For when British exchange students try to fit in at a Japanese school.Kiniro Mosaic


For when you want to see the anime adaptation that started ‘the cute girls doing cute things’ trend.Azumanga Daioh


For when you need cute parodies and lesbians (but mostly cute parodies).YuruYuri


For when your brain can’t handle the normal life.Nichijou


For when you want to overdose on Kotori, Nico Nico Nii, and catchy J-Pop.Love Live! School Idol Project


9Denpa Onna to Seishun

For when you’re not sure if you are related to a cute, psychic alien.Denpa Onna to Seishun


10Squid Girl

For when a squid tries to conquer the world…and ends up conquering your heart.Squid Girl


For when you are sick of humans and only cute animals will get the job done.Polar Bear Café


12Axis Powers Hetalia

For when country stereotypes make for the best ships.Axis Powers Hetalia



For when a lonely piece of coal can warm your cold, dead heart.Binchou-chan


14Chi’s Sweet Home

For when the doctor orders a cute kitten to tickle the heartstrings.Chi's Sweet Home


Cute girls + Tanks = Explosive Moe!Girls und Panzer


For when you need some psychedelic art and goofy friends.Hidamari Sketch


17Lucky Star

For when you need a hit of ADHD and otakuism.Lucky Star


18Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan

For when the world is being invaded by adorable aliens.Ground Defense Force! Mao-chan



For when sextuplet brothers become the most moe thing in modern anime. Plus hilarious parodies.Osomatsu-san


For when moe girls suffer from PTSD.Sound of the Sky


21Tantei Opera Milky Holmes

For when you need cute detectives to solve your mysteries.Tantei Opera Milky Holmes


For when you wish your co-workers would be the embodiments of moe.Working!!


For when a talking bird is a literal wingman.Tamako Market



For when both ball and moe are life.Ro-Kyu-Bu!


For when you need a family of cute witches to cast a relaxing spell on your heart.Flying Witch


26New Game!

For when anime girls decide to make video games.New Game!


For when ya’ll need both Jesus Christ and Buddha to forgive your many anime sins.

Saint Young Men

This is the part where you share your favorite moe anime and remind me of the ones that were forgotten!

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