Toonami Funded ‘FLCL’ Sequel Drops Details & Release Dates

Adult Swim has dropped some new info on the upcoming FLCL sequel, which is being split into two seasons. The first season, FLCL: Progressive will debut on June 2 and FLCL: Alternative will debut in September.

The project is a collaboration between Adult Swim’s Toonami and Production I.G., with the latter having co-produced the original FLCL with Gainax in 2000.

Adult Swim describes FLCL: Progressive as:


FLCL: Progressive tells the story of 14-year-old Hidomi and her classmate Ide, and two otherworldly beings, ‘Jinyu’ and ‘Haruha Raharu,’ who are determined to unlock their hidden potential. Mixed up in this is an all-powerful force known as ‘ATOMSK,’ a gorgeous vintage car…and a certain Vespa Scooter.


The staff for FLCL: Progressive will include:


  • Chief Director: Katsuyuki Motohiro (Psycho-Pass / Atom the Beginning)
  • Supervisor: Kazuya Tsurumaki (FLCL Rebuild of Evangelion movie series)
  • Directors: Kazuto Arai (RE:Creators episode 11 director) / Toshihisa Kaiya (Wasurenagumo) / Yuki Ogawa (Oya-san was Shinshunki!) / Yoshihide Ibata (After the Rain episode 9 director) / Kei Suezawa (Napping Princess animation director) / Hiroshi Ikehata (Magical Circle Guru-Guru)
  • Script: Hideto Iwa
  • Character Design: Chikashi Kubota (From the New World)
  • Mechanical Design: Kiyotak Oshiyama (Devilman Crybaby)


FLCL: Alternative is being billed as a series by “young creators who will redefine the meaning of sequel:”


“The series centers on the misadventures of 17-year-old Kana, a high school junior who spends her days hanging out with her besties, Mossan, Hijiri, and Pets. They live unremarkable lives, until the day a mecha falls out of the sky, along with a strange woman named Haruko. Her plans for Kana and her friends involve the force known as ATOMSK. Kana will have to risk everything to decide whether or not to help…like she really has a choice!”


FLCL: Alternative will have a slightly different production staff, with the new members including:


  • Directors: Yutaka Uemura (Youjo Senki) / Kiyotaka Suzuki (Psycho-Pass 2)
  • Character Design: Yuuichi Takahashi (Gatchaman Crowds)
  • Animation Production: NUT (Youjo Senki) / REVOROOT (Made in Abyss in-between animation)

Are you excited about the new FLCL season?

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