Toonami Delays ‘FLCL’ Sequel’s Subbed Release Until November

Adult Swim’s Toonami anime blocked shared some disappointing news – FLCL: Progressive and FLCL: Alternative will have its English sub release delayed until November.


The move aligns with the Japanese release, so the only current way to see the new FLCL seasons will be in a dubbed format. Toonami said that the delay is to respect their Japanese partners, and it can be theorized that the move is to prevent Japanese fans from pirating the subbed versions ahead of the official Japanese release.

Toonami reassured fans that every subbed FLCL episode will be released simultaneously on all Adult Swim platforms in November. Basically, subbed fans will be able to binge Progressive and Alternative in one sitting.

You can read Toonami’s full statement below:

Are you going to wait for the subbed episodes or will you follow the weekly dubs?

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