Tokyo Metro Gets in the Hanami Mood with the ‘Sakura Train’

Warm and sunny days are coming to Japan, and with it comes the perfect time for hanami, or flower viewing, and Tokyo Metro is joining in on the festivities.

Tokyo Metro's Sakura Train
Tokyo Metro has launched the “Sakura Train” (桜トレイン) which will run on the Ginza Line, the oldest subway line in East Asia. The aim is to get the busy Tokyoites in the mood for hanami and promote the various flower viewing celebrations in and around the city.

Cherry Blossom designs on Tokyo Metro's Ginza Line
The carriages of the Sakura Train are decorated with stickers and posters. These are designed to make passengers feel as if they’re passing through a track lined with beautiful pink trees. There are also artificial blossoms made to look like they’ve been picked up by the wind as the train zooms by.

The promotion is in partnership with the beverage maker, Asahi. The company is known for adorning their beer cans and bottles with a pink sakura motif every year during hanami celebrations. Posters of their 2018 lineup can be found inside the train.

Asahi beers with sakura-inspired packaging
The Sakura Train will take passengers on the Ginza line, between Asakusa and the popular Shibuya station, from March 12 to April 8.

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