‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ Manga is Entering its Final Arc

Sui Ishida is preparing to write the final arc for Tokyo Ghoul:re.

Tokyo Ghoul

A wrap-around jacket for volume 14 reads “The evolving dark fantasy is rushing towards its ultimate final arc!.” Ishida or Shueisha hasn’t said if this arc will lead to a third series or conclude Tokyo Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul:re is a sequel series to Tokyo Ghoul and it began serialization in October 2014. The series takes place two years after the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) agency’s raid on Anteiku. The agency’s systematic eradication of ghouls has changed Tokyo’s atmosphere, but the Aogiri Tree terrorist group is planning to fight back. A half-ghoul, half-human named Haise Sasaki leads the elite Quix Squad for the CCG to combat the new Aogiri Tree threat.

Ishida’s Tokyo Ghoul has been a huge hit ever since its 2011 debut in Weekly Young Jump. The series has a combined 34 million copies in print worldwide, has inspired two anime adaptations, a spin-off manga, four video games, and one live-action movie.

Tokyo Ghoul

Studio Pierrot will adapt Tokyo Ghoul:re into an anime that will air this April. As a promotion, fans are being asked to read Tokyo Ghoul volumes 1 through 14, hinting that the Tokyo Ghoul √A anime maybe ignored.

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