Tobu Zoo Creates a Grape-kun Memorial for Fan Tributes

Fans from all around the world have been mourning the death of Grape-kun, the Humboldt penguin who fell in love with a Hululu cutout. He passed away due to old age with Hululu by his side.


Grape-kun’s story gained international attention after Tobu Zoo visitors began witnessing him performing courtship actions and refusing to leave Hululu’s side. The penguin did have a mate named Midori, but she dumped Grape-kun for a younger guy after they arrived at Tobu Zoo.

Grape-kun turning towards anime after his heartbreak hit many people on a personal level, and Tobu Zoo decided to let the senior keep the cutout permanently.

To show the lasting impact Grape-kun and Hululu made on visitors, Tobu Zoo created a makeshift memorial so that visitors could pay their respects.


The memorial included a miniature standee of Hululu, a dedicated signboard for visitors to write messages on, and a memento with Grape-kun’s purple armband.


Flowers, photos, drawings, and even wine were left as offerings. However, the most meaningful tribute may be an illustration from Kemono Friends creator Mine Yoshizaki. He drew Grape-kun and Hululu wearing matching purple arm bands as if they were a married couple.


Tobu Zoo hasn’t decided if they’ll erect a permanent memorial for Grape-kun, but fans are hosting a fundraiser to purchase a statue of Grape-kun and Hululu to donate to the zoo.

Grape-kun’s story of love and devotion has touch people’s hearts and is drawing comparison’s to Hachiko, which was a faithful Akita who visited his master’s train station stop every day for 10 years following his master’s death. Much like Hachiko, there may be a statue leaving Grape-kun’s story for future generations.

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