To Love-Ru is Ending and the Best Girl Will Be Crowned

To Love-Ru is entering it’s climatic arc!

To Love-Ru

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The popular ecchi manga is winding down, as Shueisha teases of Rito will “choose one girl or the harem?” Fans have suspecting that this time would come ever since Yami’s confession in chapter 42.

Shueisha’s announcement also teases that a “secret project” is in the works for the manga, so it’s possible we could see a third entry to the series.

End of an Era

To Love-Ru ending would officially bring an end to Shueisha’s current manga era. The ecchi harem was created by writer Saki Hasemi and illustrator Kentaro Yabuki in 2006. Despite the detailed frontal nudity, the series was published in Weekly Shounen Jump.

A sequel manga titled To Love-Ru Darkness began publication in 2010 and ran in Shueisha’s Jump Square, which is also a shounen magazine. To Love-Ru joins Bleach, Naruto, Toriko, and Nisekoi as long-runners to have been ended by Shueisha. Gintama is currently in it’s climatic arc as well.

A Series Plagued by Controversy

It is believed that To Love-Ru​’s depiction of nude school girls was one of the reasons for the revision of the Tokyo Metropolitan Youth Ordinance, which restricted the sales of entertainment that shows fictional characters under the age of 18 in sexual situations.

In 2012, the manga would be reviewed by the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly after a parent discovered the manga hidden in their son’s room. Under the new Youth Ordinance, it would have been illegal for the son to have purchased To Love-Ru. However, the series was found to not be in violation of the Ordinance.

To Love-Ru would constantly be reviewed due to Japanese watch dog groups feeling that the nudity scenes was not appropriate for the shounen demographic, which is made up of boys aged 8 to 18.

Popular Anime Adaptations

To Love-Ru has 4 TV anime adaptations and 3 OVA series, with the home video releases keeping the nudity intact. While To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd is seen as a sales flop (it averaged 5,934 copies per volume, which is low for the series), the anime has always remained popular among ecchi and harem fans.

Rito choosing one girl or the harem route will official bring an end to an era of Shueisha manga, as the publication welcomes a new generation of series led by My Hero Academia and World Trigger.

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