Tiv is the Rare Foreign Artist That Made it in the Manga Industry

It’s not often that a foreign-born artist is able to break into the manga industry, which makes Tiv unique.


Tiv was born in Seoul, South Korea and is arguably the most known Korean artist in the industry. She’s very progressive considering the political tensions that remain to this day between Korea and Japan.


She’s gained popularity for her soft, delicate moe style that feels quintessentially Japanese but evolved from her Korean roots.


Tiv made her comic debut in 2007

She released a sweet slice of life manhwa set in Korea named Annyeong! -We are Peanuts-, which was canceled after two volumes. In 2010, she moved to Japan and took on a Japanese project that set her on a path toward becoming a popular manga artist by adapting Hikaru Sugii’s light novel: Heaven’s Memo Pad

Heaven's Memo Pad

Tiv’s move to Japan paid off in the form of her 2012 project that became a breakout hit: Masamune-kun’s Revenge. This series written by Hazuki Takeoka has generated nine manga volumes illustrated by Tiv, one light novel, a 2017 anime adaptation, and a global horde of fans.

Masamune-kun's Revenge

Masamune-kun’s Revenge has become a best-selling manga series and is often praised for Tiv’s attractive artwork.

Masamune-kun's Revenge

Inbetween drawing the ongoing chapters of Masamune-kun’s Revenge, Tiv has designed the cast of Idol Incidents and Two Car.


Tiv also drew the in-series illustrations found in Eromanga-sensei.


Are you a fan of Tiv’s style?

Masamune-kun's Revenge

You can find Tiv’s illustrations on her official Pixiv, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts.

Aaron Magulick
Aaron Magulick has been a fan of anime ever since being exposed to it in the late '90s. A fan of nearly all genres, he is not afraid to explore the creepier side of the industry.
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