This Tokyo Artist is Obsessed with Bakugo’s Crew and Crossovers

If you’re a fan of fanart and My Hero Academia, you probably saw @dendenkiribaku a lot in your Twitter feed lately. This Tokyo-based artist is known for their dedication to their favorite crew. 

In fact, it seems like their name is a combination of their favorite characters from My Hero Academia: Denden for the electric Denki, Kiri for the red-headed Kirishima, and Baku for the explosive Bakugo. Also featured often alongside the trio is the black-haired tape man, Hanta Sero, who isn’t seen as often in the anime and manga.

Dendenkiribaku is making waves this week for having 31 thousand followers on Twitter but reaching almost double that amount in likes in 4 days with this playful post.


Many times their retweets number in thousands and true to their name, they feature Bakugo and friends in 90% of their art posts.


Dendenkiribaku also does plenty of crossover fan art like these fun Cardcaptor Sakura cards and Hitman Reborn! illustrations.



You can follow Dendenkiribaku on Twitter and share in their love for My Hero Academia.

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