This Tarot Card Art Will Make You Relive Your Fullmetal Alchemist Feels

Emmm (also known as @Emmmerald) is an artist who, like many of us, is deeply in love with Fullmetal Alchemist.



She creates absolutely gorgeous work that achieves an incredible depth of field by playing with light and shadow.


Beginning around the start of 2018, Emmm has launched a Fullmetal Alchemist tarot card set project that captures the essence of what makes FMA such a worldwide sensation. Get ready to relive your FMA feels through these cards!


If you’re as in love with her work as I am, you should stop by her Twitter to give her a follow or let her know that her English is really good! (And petition her to turn her art into a real tarot card set!)

Jenbae enjoys reading manga, yelling at her laptop, and eating popcorn with extra butter. She also enjoys writing blurbs about herself in 3rd person where she doesn't know what to say but she recommends everyone to check out the webtoons: The Gamer and The Pale Horse.
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