This Shining ‘Land of Lustrous’ Cosplay Shoot is Picture Perfect

Land of the Lustrous (Houseki no Kuni) has been receiving a lot of love from the community. The series routinely tops Best of 2017 polls and won a major award from CGWORLD for its animation style. But one of the things the community loves is the wealth of fan art!

Artist Ekita recently blew fans away with their detailed character cards of the main cast members.

The art project was such a hit that photographer Crux and editor JiuLanYe put a small squad together for some cosplay, complete with the jewelry that makes the outfit designs shine.

Land of the Lustrous

Fan-favorites Phos and Cinnabar were excluded, but just look at it as showing love for the other supporting cast members! Here are the individual shots.


Diamond cosplay by Bunny小爱

Land of the Lustrous Land of the Lustrous


Bortz cosplay by YaoJi

Land of the Lustrous Land of the Lustrous



Rutile cosplay by Cheryl

Land of the Lustrous Land of the Lustrous



Lapis Lazuli cosplay by Neko

Land of the Lustrous Land of the Lustrous

You can find more cool cosplay by Bunny小爱 (Diamond) on Weibo, 幺鸡w (Bortz) on Facebook, 骨头_Cheryl (Rutile) on Facebook, and Neko小宠 (Lapis Lazuli) on Facebook.

I love all things that are cute, magic-based, and easy going! My biggest obsessions of all time are Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches and Fairy Tail. Let's go shipping!
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