This ‘My Hero Academia’ Invisible Toru Shoot is Blowing Up

Fans of couple cosplayers are sure to have seen Aicosu on their social media feeds in the past. The duo, which consists of Sheila and Sylar, is known for rocking looks from various video game and movie franchises.


They have a large following, but they are currently blowing up within the anime community due to Sheila’s Toru Hagakure cosplay. You know, the invisible girl!


It’s an effects-heavy shoot with mind-bending results that has people asking “how did you make this?”


They explained to a Japanese fan the magic behind it. First, they took two photos: One of Sheila in the cosplay and then another of just the background. Then they overlaid the photos and erased all of Sheila except her clothes in photoshop.

That answers the major questions but we’re not 100% sure how they were able to photograph the insides of the clothing – especially in the sexy shot.

Of course, most of their cosplay shoots use a minimal amount of effects or editing.


You can follow Aicosu on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr to see more of their work!

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