There’s a Manga That Shows You How to Fall Asleep in 10 Minutes’

As someone that struggles with insomnia, I’ve struggled with all types of tricks and medications to help me sleep. When things don’t work, most nights are spent tossing around and cursing my existence.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

However, a recent Twitter manga shares a sweet technique that actually works! Written by Onodera-san, this deep-breathing manga is guaranteed to help you fall asleep within ten minutes.

Let’s break down this manga, which has been gaining steam on social media:

Sleep Manga

Step 1: Sit on top of your bed, with your legs crossed to keep your body from moving.

Step 2: Close your eyes, breathe slowly — inhaling and exhaling as if you’re sleeping.


Sleep Manga

Step 3: Try not to actively think of anything. After 20 seconds, images from your mind’s eye will appear. Alternatively, try thinking of cute or pleasant things.

Step 4: Passively watch the images play out in your mind.


Sleep Manga

Step 5: Bordering on conscious and unconscious thought, you’ll think, “am I dozing off?” When that happens, slowly shift your body so you’re lying down under the covers.

Step 6: While lying down, repeat Step 1, and before you realize, you’ll be sleeping soundly.

Onodera-san claims that this is a self-developed technique and that the main goal is to relax your mind. As you get used to the self-meditation, you’ll be able to skip repeating the process.

Will you try out this technique?

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