The ‘Uma Musume’ Producers Want You to Stop Lewding the Cast

If there’s something the internet loves more than cute anime girls, it’s lewding them. Tons of Japanese franchises are created that seem to bait this reaction out of fans, which can lead to some irresistible doujinshi.

Uma Musume

However, the producers of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby wants you to stop – like, right now. During a live stream event to promote new merch and events, a producer took the time to ask fans to stop drawing the horse-girls in erotic and pornographic manners – with an extra condemnation towards futanari.

The producers are worried that the increase of Uma Musume: Pretty Derby hentai is going to damage the reputation of horse owners. Horse racing is a very serious business in Japan and it’s one of the few avenues that people can gamble in – there’s also a bit of a yakuza presence in the scene.

Reading between the lines, the producers could have a hard time licensing the names of racehorses and the locations of race tracks if owners feel that the lewding is damaging their reputations. It’s already getting tough to Google a horse’s name without being swamped with anime fan art, which could ward off legitimate racing fans.

Uma Musume

But since this is the internet, we can expect Uma Musume: Pretty Derby lewds to increase out of spite.

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