‘The Royal Tutor’ is Getting a New Anime Project

The princes of Glanzreich and their diminutive tutor of The Royal Tutor are returning for a new anime project!

The Royal Tutor

The project was revealed on a special LINE LIVE stream, which led to the anime’s website to update with a new visual. Its text reads, “Well, let’s begin. The next lesson -.”

Higasa Akai’s original manga has been a hit in Japan and received an anime adaptation in 2017. She shared praise for the adaptation and admitted to shedding tears of joy during the anime-original ending.

The comedy series follows Heine Wittgenstein, a tutor tasked with instructing Glanzreich’s four princes. Each of the princes has unique personalities that present challenges, but Heine was hired for a reason.

The Royal Tutor

While it’s not confirmed that they will return, the previous anime was produced by Bridge (co-producers of Fairy Tail), directed by Katsuya Kikuchi (Idol Memories), and written by Kimiko Ueno (Kuromajyo-san ga Touru!!).

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SOURCE'The Royal Tutor' Official Website
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