‘The Royal Tutor’ Creator Cried During the Anime’s Ending

The Royal Tutor‘s anime finale is airing in a week and it’s been getting some pre-release hype!

The Royal Tutor

Higasa Akai, mangaka for the series, took to Twitter to tell fans that the anime-original ending made her cry! Akai commented that she approves of the changes the anime staff has made and hopes that fans will enjoy the emotional finale. “It’ll be a different development from the original work. The objective for the anime is that if it becomes a loved work for the people watching the anime, that’s good.”

Voice actor Keisuke Ueda, who is cast as Heine Wittgenstein, also said that he couldn’t stop crying while recording his lines.

The Royal Tutor‘s 11th and 12th episodes took a big divergence from the manga, as it’s been covering Heine’s past. This story arc is not in the manga yet, and due to Akai’s comments, it might be different from what she has planned.

The Royal Tutor

Either way, it looks like The Royal Tutor fans are in for a tearful ride!

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