The Moe Menstrual Cycle of ‘Seiri-chan’ Gets a Live-Action Movie

It’s that time of the month…a visit from Seiri-chan!


Seiri-chan (Little Miss P) was a web manga that took Japan by storm last year as it followed Seiri-chan paying various women a monthly visit. You know, because she is an anthropomorphized period. Yep, Japan actually turned the menstrual cycle into a cute character!

Ken Koyama’s series only ran for 10 chapters — that’s all he needed for the story. While Seiri-chan is a short series that can be read in an evening, Kadokawa announced that it’s being adapted into a live-action movie. Because why not?

Kadokawa didn’t share many details, but they hinted that Seiri-chan could be a CGI character. They even jokingly pondered if it should be more of a zombie action movie — so many possibilities!


We’ll have to wait for more details, but in the meantime, are you excited to Seiri-chan give questionable advice to her guests?

SOURCEComic Natalie
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