The ‘Fate/Grand Order’ Game’s Story Will End After Arc 2

Fate/Grand Order is one of the globe’s most popular mobile games — and it may be coming to an end soon.

Fate/Grand Order

Kinoko Nasu, one of the original creators of the Fate/ franchise, had an interview with 4Gamer to talk about the current state of the game.

Nasu revealed that the game’s current gameplay and features are outdated compared to what’s entering the market now. He said that improvements have been added has helped, but the base game can’t support any major changes. Comparing the game to Kowloon City, they would have to tear the entire thing down and rebuild it from the ground up.

However, since a major overhaul isn’t possible, Nasu wants the team to focus on the basic “fun” feeling of the game. As of right now, they can only repay their fans’ love with “growth and progress.”

Fate/Grand Order

One of the biggest bombshells is that the game’s story is set to end after Arc 2. The arc’s main gimmick and the plot have already been decided on. Nasu’s biggest worry is players wanting a continuation after the arc ends — which may not be possible. He joked that he could have written an ending similar to Undertale, but he wants fans to feel the sense of loss he felt after playing Final Fantasy IV.

That being said, he has gameplay elements that he would like to explore — such as “Combination Noble Phantasms” and Combination Attacks.

Fate/Grand Order

Arc 2’s first chapter launched in April 2018 in Japan.

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