The ‘Cells at Work!’ Stage Cast Look Right Out of the Anime

Cells at Work! has become a cultural phenomenon in Japan! The edutainment series personifies your body’s cells and the various threats it combats to keep you healthy. Its blend of real-world education, humor, and action makes it accessible to everyone — plus actual scientists approve of it!

Cells at Work!

Akane Shimizu launched the manga in 2015, which was adapted into an anime earlier this year by David Production.

The newest Cells at Work! project is a stage play that will run at Tokyo’s Theatre 1010 starting on November 16. To build hype, the staff released photos of the cast in full costumes — and they look right out of the manga!


Masanari Wada as White Blood CellCells at Work


Kanon Nanaki as Red Blood Cell Cells at Work


Yuuki Kimisawa as Killer T Cell Cells at Work


Takeshi James Yamada as Regular CellCells at Work


Kimito Totani as Helper T Cell Cells at Work


Kaoru Marimura as Natural Killer Cell Cells at Work


Masaki Ota as Naive T Cell


Yuka Hirata as Macrophage Cells at Work


Chihiro Kai as Regulatory T Cell


Bishin Kawasumi as Dendritic Cell Cells at Work


Kaoru Masaki as B Cell Cells at Work


Yuumitsu Kishida, Kei Morita, & Ayane Kinouchi as Platelets


Yuki Masuda as Streptococcus Pyogenes Cells at Work


Shun Takagi as Influenza Virus Cells at Work


Ryouma Baba as Pneumococcus Cells at Work


Shou Tomita as Staphylococcus Aureus Cells at Work


Which are your favorites?

VIAComic Natalie
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