The 5 Most Unexpected Anime of Winter 2017

Some pleasant surprises from the Winter 2017 anime season that fans should check out!

There are three major types of anime per season – the trendy anime everyone is watching, the terrible anime you might want to avoid, and the unexpected anime.

The unexpected series are the ones that received little attention leading up to their premiers, but are getting late love from fans on social media. Some of these anime don’t follow trends, while others rely on great execution to overcome generic tropes. Here are some of this season’s most unexpected successes!


5ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

Slow moving political-dramas tend to go ignored, but ACCA has been receiving love! Madhouse did a great job adapting Natsume Ono‘s art style, opting to use a vibrant color scheme to mask the political unrest of the story. Since the manga finished last year, fans will also get to see a full story adaptation!



Onihei is another tough sell – it’s about an officer named Heizou Hasegawa and his dealings with criminals. The series occupies a world of unlikable characters – even Heizou isn’t worth cheering for. But, if you don’t need likable characters, you’ll find a mature series with great animation.


3Gabriel DropOut

Sure, Gabriel DropOut looks like a generic moe series about four cute girls doing cute things. But, the series actually does a good job telling a variety of jokes, which helps keep things fresh. It also doesn’t hurt that the cast aren’t copies of other moe characters, which allows them to stand on their own.


2Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

KyoAni finds a way! Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a manga that very few people heard of, so the anime didn’t have much hype leading up to its premier. Everything changed after the first two episodes, as fans have fell in love with the insane characters, fast-paced jokes, and inventive art style.


1Kemono Friends

It’s time to let Kemono Friends into your heart. I really believe if the series did not use CGI, it would have a bigger following outside of Japan. The story of a girl getting lost in a gigantic zoo of animal girls is lowkey post-apocalyptic. It’s a series that avoids violence and ecchi, and chooses subtle world building that betrays the child like nature of the setup. Seriously, try looking past the cheap CGI and give it a chance!


What Winter 2017 anime blew your expectations away?

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