The 4 Seinen Anime Fans Will Watch in Winter 2018

Are you ready for the winter season? Let’s look ahead to the seinen anime that will air! These series tend to have more mature themes, graphic violence, and deeper character relationships than their shounen counterparts.


1Moment by Moment (Kokkoku)

Studio: Geno Studio

Genre: Drama / Mystery / Psychological

Premiere: January 8th

Quick Pitch: Juri Yukawa is a mischievous young girl living with her family, but she is unaware that her family can stop time. Her brother and nephew are suddenly kidnapped and held for ransom by a cult, which forces Juri’s grandfather to use a special stone to reveal the world of Stasis to Juri and her father.

Juri and her father can move within the world of Stasis to infiltrate the cult, but they also face grotesque monsters. Within time, Juri learns the secret of her grandfather’s stone and the strange world of Stasis.


2After the Rain (Koi wa Ameagari no You ni)

Studio: Wit Studio

Genre: Romance

Premiere: TBA January

Quick Pitch: Akira Tachibana used to be a member of her school’s track club, but an injury forced her to quit. She finds a part-time job at a family restaurant and finds herself falling in love with the manager, who is a 45-year-old divorcee with a young son.

While her co-workers find the manager spinless, she finds herself falling in love with him. Despite the wide age gap, Akira tries to find the courage to profess her love.


3Killing Bites


Genre: Action / Ecchi / Science Fiction

Premiere: January 13th

Quick Pitch: Killing Bits are underground death-duals between human-animal hybrids. Yuuya Nomoto drives a college classmate to pick up a girl named Hitomi to fight in a dual, but they are all slaughtered. She is part honey badger and is assigned to to protect Yuuya after the deadly incident.


4Yuru Camp△

Studio: C-Station

Genre: Comedy

Premiere: TBA January

Quick Pitch: Rin loves camping at the base of Mt. Fuji and Nadeshiko is dedicated the mountain’s scenic bike trail. The two girls meet one day and share a meal of cup ramen, which leads to a great friendship.


Are you planning on watching these seinen series?

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