The 21 Anime That Are Inspiring Irresistible Doujin

One of the most common ways to see if a series has staying power within the community is to see how many doujin works are being shown at Comiket.

Doujin are fan made goods, and respected “doujin analyst” myrmecoleon shared a quick study with fans to highlight the most popular series at Comiket 92.


21My Hero Academia – 107 doujin works


20Blood Blockade Battlefront (Kekkai Sensen) – 122 doujin works


19Hetalia – 147 doujin works


18World Trigger – 158 doujin works


17Yowamushi Pedal – 219 doujin works


16Ensemble Stars – 241 doujin works


15Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) – 266 doujin works


14Kuroko no Basket – 267 doujin works


13Tiger & Bunny – 268 doujin works


12Vocaloid – 306 doujin works


11Osomatsu-san – 318 doujin works


10Haikyuu!! – 364 doujin works


9Granblue Fantasy – 380 doujin works


8Girls und Panzer – 420 doujin works


7Yuri!!! on Ice – 552 doujin works


6Love Live! – 576 doujin works


5Nasuverse – 1,129 doujin works


4Touken Ranbu – 1,244 doujin works


3The iDOLM@STER – 1,299 doujin works


2Touhou Project – 1,320 doujin works


1Kantai Collection – 2,329 doujin works


Myrmecoleon notes surprise at how much Touhou Project and Osomatsu-san doujin have fallen within a year. However, Osomatsu-san related goods are expected to increase once season 2 debuts.

Also of note is that myrmecoleon predicts that My Hero Academia will see a big jump, especially on Pixiv on fan favorite Himiko Toga gets screen time in the anime.

My Hero Academia
A blood-crazed yandere would get artists wound up.

Does your favorite series have a lot of recent doujin works?

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