The 15 Most Relaxing Modern Anime as Ranked by Japan

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing with some anime after a long day? Fans turn towards iyashikei (healing) anime for their soothing effect. While most iyashikei anime have calm atmospheres, others are laugh-out-loud funny.

Goo Ranking as the Japanese community to vote for the most relaxing anime, with the restriction being that they couldn’t have aired before 2010. Here are the top 15 choices:


15Non Non Biyori – 87 votes

Studio: Silver Link

Episodes: 24 + 2 OVAs

Quick Pitch: The small village of Asahigaoka lacks the conveniences of the city: their school only has a single classroom! But the five girls of different grades never fail to find an adventure in their rural community.


14Bunny Drop – 92 votes

Studio: Production I.G.

Episodes: 11

Quick Pitch: Daikichi learns that his recently deceased grandfather has an illegitimate six-year-old daughter named Rin. Family members refuse to adopt Rin due to her illegitimacy, so Daikichi decides to take her in. Even though Daikichi has no experience with children, he is determined to be a good father towards Rin.


Studio: Sunrise

Episodes: 12 + 7 Specials

Quick Pitch: Hidenori, Yoshitake, and Tadakuni are three close friends attending Sanada North High School. These everyday boys use their vivid imaginations to pass the time with dramatic reenactments, trying out girls clothing, and getting caught doing dumb things too many times to count.


12Himouto! Umaru-chan – 113 votes

Studio: Doga Kobo

Episodes: 24 + 2 OVAs

Quick Pitch: Umaru Doma appears to be the perfect high school student, there is a secret only her older brother knows: Umaru is an extreme otaku! Umaru can be a little bratty while in otaku mode, but she and her brother learn how to work things out.


11How to Keep a Mummy – 128 votes

Studio: 8-Bit

Episodes: 12

Quick Pitch: Sora receives a package from his adventurer father, which contains a tiny mummy! The mummy, who is named Mii-chan, is completely helpless and Sora doesn’t know where to begin when caring for his new gift.


10Working!! – 130 votes

Studio: A-1 Pictures

Episodes: 40

Quick Pitch: Souta Takanashi is enamored by small things and mistakes Popura Taneshima for a lost child. Upon learning that she is a year older than him, he agrees to work at a Wagnaria restaurant with her. He quickly discovers that his co-workers are a bunch of eccentrics and wonders how the restaurant manages to stay open.


9Barakamon –  135 votes

Studio: Kinema Citrus

Episodes: 12

Quick Pitch: Seishuu Handa is a young, handsome, talented, and narcissistic calligrapher living in Tokyo. When an elderly curator criticizes Seishuu’s technique for being too generic, he loses his cool and punches the curator. Seishuu’s father exiles him to live on Goto Island, which has a small rural town. He must deal with the eccentric villagers (which include crazy children and fujoshi) while developing his own calligraphy style


8Kemono Friends – 136 votes

Studio: Yaoyorozu

Episodes: 12

Quick Pitch: Japari Park is a gigantic zoo that is home to animal girls. Kaban finds herself lost in Japari Park with no memories. Luckily, she meets Serval, who is happy to help Kaban in search for her identity.


7Nichijou – 144 votes

Studio: Kyoto Animation

Episodes: 26

Quick Pitch: Yuuko Aioi, Mio Naganohara, and Mai Minakami are high school friends whose seemingly normal days are filled with comically absurd moments. Their bizarre lives intersect with the eight-year-old inventor Hakase, talking cat Sakamoto, and the robot Nana Shinonome.


6Karakai Jozu no Takagi-san – 184 votes

Studio: Shin-Ei Animation

Episodes: 12

Quick Pitch: Nishikata and Takagi are desk neighbors in class with a simple game: “the blusher loses.” The two constantly tease each other, but Nishikata always ends up blushing! Will Nishikata ever get the reaction out of Takagi he craves?


5Gakuen Babysitters – 234 votes

Studio: Brain’s Base

Episodes: 12

Quick Pitch: Following a plane crash that killed their parents, brothers Ryuuichi and Kotarou find themselves living with the chairwoman of Morinomiya Academy. She lost her son and daughter-in-law in that same crash. As a condition for her care, Ryuuichi must spend his non-school time working at the academy’s daycare, which is where Kotarou will spend most of his days.


4Love Lab – 330 votes

Studio: Doga Kobo

Episodes: 13

Quick Pitch: Riko and Maki are popular second-year students at Fujisaki Girls’ Academy. When Maki accidentally discovers Riko practice kissing on a body pillow, Riko is forced to keep Maki’s secret and become her love counselor. Too bad Riko doesn’t know much about love or boys

3Laid-Back Camp – 428 votes

Studio: C-Station

Episodes: 12

Quick Pitch: Rin loves camping near the base of Mt. Fuji, especially during the cold off-season. One night, she meets Nadeshiko, a flaky girl who just moved into town. After sharing a quick meal of cup ramen, Nadeshiko finds herself thrilled at the prospect of camping with Rin…despite Rin’s reluctance to have company.


2Is the Order a Rabbit? – 480 votes

Studio: White Fox

Episodes: 24 + 1 OVA

Quick Pitch: Cocoa Hoto moves to a new town to attend high school and gets lost looking for a café she is supposed to work at. While wandering, she stumbles upon a place called Rabbit House. Thinking it’s a place where customers can cuddle rabbits, but there are no rabbits to be found! Cocoa learns that it is the very same café she is supposed to work at. She meets other waitresses from different cafés and unwittingly injects joy into their lives.


1Tanaka-kun is Always Listless – 532 votes

Studio: Silver Link

Episodes: 12 + 2 OVAs

Quick Pitch: Tanaka has mastered the listless way of life. Known for his ability to sleep anywhere and for being super laid-back, Tanaka’s only goal is to maintain his lazy lifestyle. His reliable friend Ohta is always watching Tanaka’s back and is willing to help Tanaka finish any tasks that get in the way of his listlessness.


What do you think is the most soothing anime from the past decade?

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