The 15 Hot Anime Sequels Airing This Spring That’ll Have Fans Buzzing

This spring is going to be loaded with hot sequels to fan favorites! My Hero AcademiaFood Wars!, and Full Metal Panic! are leading the pack, but even smaller shows like Amanchu! have continuations.

Here is the slate of sequels that are sure to keep fans happy!


1Steins;Gate 0

Studio: White Fox

Genre: Science Fiction / Thriller

Premiere: April 12

Quick Pitch: Set during the Beta Timeline in which Okabe gave up trying to save Kurisu and is currently living with regret. In a pursuit to forget the past, he gives up on being a mad scientist, but one of Kurisu’s acquaintances pulls him back into the field. He is tasked with testing an advanced A.I. system that is based on Kurisu’s personality, and it’s leading to unexpected tragedies.


2Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara – Toutsuki Ressha-hen

Studio: J.C. Staff

Genre: Cooking / Ecchi

Premiere: April 9

Quick Pitch: The new arc is going to be filled with intense moments as Soma and his friends are forced into different trains for opposing Central. As a cruel form of punishment, they are forced into shokugeki challenges with the Elite Ten, which they must succeed in if they want to take their promotion exams.


3My Hero Academia Season 3

Studio: Bones

Genre: Action / Comedy / Superpower

Premiere: April 7

Quick Pitch: The heroes of Class 1-A and 1-B are spending the summer at an intense training camp that will push their Quirks to new heights. However, braving the elements and facing intense challenges may pale in comparison to their sudden struggle for survival.


4Tokyo Ghoul:re

Studio: Studio Pierrot

Genre: Action / Horror / Mystery / Supernatural

Premiere: April 3

Quick Pitch: Two years after the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG) agency’s raid on Anteiku. The agency’s systematic eradication of ghouls has changed Tokyo’s atmosphere, but the Aogiri Tree terrorist group is planning to fight back. A half-ghoul, half-human named Haise Sasaki leads the elite Quix Squad for the CCG to combat the new Aogiri Tree threat.


5High School DxD Hero

Studio: Passione

Genre: Action / Ecchi / Harem / Supernatural

Premiere: April 10

Quick Pitch: The new season will adapt light novel volumes 9 and 10, which details the fights against Cao Cao and Sairaorg Bael.


6Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

Studio: Xebec

Genre: Action / Mecha / Romance

Premiere: April 13

Quick Pitch: The long-awaited continuation of Full Metal Panic!, which follows a socially inept soldier assigned to protect a girl with subconscious knowledge of advanced tech.


7Amanchu! Advance

Studio: J.C. Staff

Genre: Comedy / Slice of Life

Premiere: April 7

Quick Pitch: The continuation of Amanchu!, which follows two girls bonding over scuba diving as they join their school’s diving club.


8Lostorage conflated WIXOSS

Studio: J.C. Staff

Genre: Game / Psychological

Premiere: April 7

Quick Pitch: Lostorage focuses on Suzuko Homura, a girl who finds herself wagering her memories in a new type of WIXOSS battle. While the winner will have a wish granted, losing all of their memory coins will cause them to lose every memory they once had.


9To Be Hero 2

Studio: Haoliners Animation

Genre: Action / Comedy / Parody / Superpower

Premiere: TBA April

Quick Pitch: To Be Hero follows a handsome divorcee with a reputation for being a bad father. One day, he is sucked into a toilet and is given the tasked of saving the world. In order to become a superhero, he must transform into an ugly man, which is something he’s willing to do in order to protect his daughter.


10Hozuki’s Coolheadedness Season 2 Part II

Studio: Studio DEEN

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Supernatural

Premiere: April 8

Quick Pitch: The second cour of Hozuki’s Coolheadedness Season 2, which follows Hozuki as he tries to maintain corporate order in hell.

11Fist of the Blue Sky: Re:Genesis

Studio: Polygon Pictures

Genre: Action / Historical

Premiere: April 10

Quick Pitch: A prequel to Fist of the North Star, the story centers around Kasumi Kenshiro, a laid-back professor at a small college in Tokyo. It’s a way for him to escape from his past life as “The King of Death” and avoid practicing the Hokuto Shinken. However, the death of his lover and former brothers forces Kenshiro to return to Shanghai to seek vengeance.


12Lupin the Third: Part 5

Studio: Telecom Animation Film

Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy

Premiere: April 4

Quick Pitch: Lupin’s adventures take him to modern-day France, which was the home of his grandfather Arsène Lupin


13Major 2nd

Studio: NHK Enterprises

Genre: Sports

Premiere: April 7

Quick Pitch: Daigo is the son of Garou, who was a great baseball player. Everyone around Daigo expects him to take up the sport, but will he be able to withstand the pressure?


14Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Happy Kiss!

Studio: Comet

Genre: Comedy / Magical Boy / Slice of Life

Premiere: April 9

Quick Pitch: Binan High School’s Earth Defense Club has new members whom love enjoying tea and having idle conversations. While spending time at a bathhouse, they meet a strange boy who drags them into a battle at the magical kingdom of Honyala Land.


15Nobunaga no Shinobi: Anegawa Ishiyama-hen

Studio: TMS Entertainment

Genre: Comedy /Historical / Slice of Life

Premiere: April 7

Quick Pitch: A continuation of Nobunaga no Shinobi, which follows a young girl who dreams of helping Oda Nobunaga to unify Japan.


Which sequels are you looking forward to?

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