The 15 Cutest Pink-Haired Anime Girls Chosen by Japan

Who doesn’t love pink-haired anime characters? It’s one of the most iconic hairdos in the medium! To celebrate it, Goo Ranking asked Japanese fans to vote for the cutest pink-haired anime girls.

15. Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena) – 66 votesUtena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena)


14. Lala Satalin Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru) – 91 votesLala Satania Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru)


13. Momo Belia Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru) – 100 votesMomo Belia Deviluke (To LOVE-Ru)


12. Hinagiku Katsura (Hayate the Combat Butler) – 105 votesHinagiku Katsura (Hayate the Combat Butler)


11. Machi (Hunter x Hunter) – 116 votesMachi (Hunter x Hunter)


10. Rebecca (One Piece) – 124 votesRebecca (One Piece)


9. Ram (Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-) – 133 votesRam (Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World-)


8. Momo (Magical Princess Minky Momo) – 168 votesMomo (Magical Princess Minky Momo)


T-6. Sakura Haruno (Naruto) – 176 votesSakura Haruno (Naruto)


T-6. Madoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica) – 176 votesMadoka Kaname (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)


5. Shirahoshi (One Piece) – 207 votesShirahoshi (One Piece)


4. Lacus Clyne (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED) – 325 votesLacus Clyne (Mobile Suit Gundam SEED)


3. Chibiusa (Sailor Moon) – 383 votesChibiusa (Sailor Moon)


2. Tomoka Minato (Ro-Kyu-Bu!) – 442 votesTomoka Minato (Ro-Kyu-Bu)


1. Miyuki Takara (Lucky Star) – 477 votesMiyuki Takara (Lucky Star)

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