The 11 Most Unique Places You Have to Visit in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of Japan’s tourism epicenters. It is filled with shops, clubs, bars, museums, theaters, and places of culture interest! With so many places to visit, one can easily get overwhelmed without a plan.

Most people known of the mainstream spots due to permeation in entertainment: this includes Akihabara, video games arcades, maid cafes, various themed host and hostess club, and temples. But there are some unique places that tourists should try to visit for a more memorable trip!


1Sougenji Kappa-Dera Temple

Image via The Kappapedia

The odd temple was built to appease water-goblins called “kappa.” Located in the neighborhood of Kappabashi-dori (Kappa’s Bridge), you can find offerings of cucumbers, see antique scrolls and statues dedicated to the kappa, and even visit a “dried kappa arm.”


2Anata no Warehouse

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Arcades are a fairly common site in Japan, but “Anata no Warehouse” is the only one modeled after Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City. Anata no Warehouse looks like a seedy slum while offering up an arcade gaming experience.


3Ninja Akasaka

Image via That Food Cray

Tokyo is home to all kinds of themed restaurants that range from video game to anime franchises. But why not step out of your comfort zone and be served by a staff of ninja?



Image via Wikimedia Commons

Sengaku-ji is the resting place of the legendary 47 Ronin, and their tale is one of the most iconic pieces of Japanese history.


5Nakagin Capsule Tower

Image via The New York Times

Fans of unique architecture should check out Nakagin Capsule Tower! It was designed by Kisho Kurokawa as part of a post-war movement called Metabolism. Kurokawa envisioned a world where people live in capsule apartments. While his future never became a reality, the international architecture has fought to keep his tower from being demolished.


6Pasona 02

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Pasona 02 is an underground farm located in downtown Tokyo! It occupies a former bank vault and produces 100 different types of crops. The farm also has a cafe, which is open to the public.


7Clone Factory

Image via Technabob

The Clone Factory is located in Akihabara and offers visitors a chance to “clone” themselves as a 3D doll. It can make for a unique (and creepy) souvenir!


8Kan’ei-ji Temple

Image via Japan National Tourism Organization

The Kan’ei-ji Temple holds historical significance but draws little tourist action. It was erected in 1625 and became the temple of the Tokugawa family. In 1869, the Emperor attacked the last of the Tokugawa shogun and destroyed most of the buildings. The mausoleum that enshrines the six shogun of the Tokugawa still stands and has been designated as an Important Cultural Property of the Japanese Government.


9Shakaden Reiyukai Temple

Image via Try Nikki

The pyramid-like temple is part of the Reiyūkai Shakaden movement, which is a modern offshoot of Budhism. The temple offers free Japanese lessons for foreigners and houses 400 tons of drinking water to be used during emergencies.


10Listening Bars

Image via Dust & Grooves

Listening bars are great places for audiophiles and music fans to gather to just chill and listen to music on the best sound systems.



Image via Wayfaring Minimalist

Shimokitazawa is an entertainment district in Setagaya, Tokyo. It is home to Tokyo’s indie scene and houses independently owned fashion retailers, cafes, theaters, lounges, and bars. Take a visit to break away from the manufactured centers of Tokyo!


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