The 10 Original Anime Series That Will Air This Winter

Original anime series are always exciting to watch since you never know where the story will go. Since there is no source material, it gives a production team the chance to flex their creative muscles!

Here are the originals that will air this season:


1. RevisionsRevisions

Genre: Action / Mecha

Studio: Shirogumi

Premiere: Jan. 10

Quick Pitch: Daisuke Doujima and his friends are caught in one of the “Shibuya Drifts,” which sends them 300 years into the future. They are known as “Revisions”, and they fight an unknown enemy in order to recover their present.


2. The Price of Smiles (Egao no Daika)The Price of Smiles

Genre: Action / Mecha

Studio: Tatsunoko

Premiere: Jan. 4

Quick Pitch: Two girls from distant planets are about to have their lives intertwined. Princess Yuuki is a 12-year-old who enjoys a merry life in a kingdom full of smiling faces. Conversely, Stella is a 17-year-old soldier that is always smiling…since it is essential to living.


 3. Kouya no Kotobuki HikoutaiKouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai

Genre: Action / Adventure

Studio: GEMBA

Premiere: Jan. 13

Quick Pitch: In a barren frontier, people turn to guards for hire known as the Kotobuki Squadron. These pilots take to air in dogfights so that others can trade goods for survival.


4. W’zW'z

Genre: Action / Music

Studio: GoHands

Premiere: Jan. 6

Quick Pitch: Yukiya spends his time DJ-ing alone and uploads videos online with hopes that someone will watch them. While Yukiya wants to gain recognization, he also doesn’t want to leave his comfort zone — until one day he stumbles across a live stream from a different world.


5. Endro~!Endro~!

Genre: Fantasy / Slice of Life

Studio: Studio Gokumi

Premiere: Jan. 13

Quick Pitch: Naral Island calls on a hero to defeat the Demon King whenever he appears once a generation. During times of peace, girls attend a school for adventurers in order to defeat the Demon King. Until then, the girls enjoy relaxed lives.


6. KemurikusaKemurikusa

Genre: Action / Sci-Fi

Studio: Yaoyorozu

Premiere: Jan. 9

Quick Pitch: Rina, Ritsu, and Rin combat strange entities while living in a world of red fog.


7. Dimension High SchoolDimension High School

Genre: Fantasy / Live-Action Hybrid

Studio: Polygon Pictures

Premiere: Jan. 10

Quick Pitch: Five high school boys are suddenly sent to an anime world while in cram school. Since then, they agree to attend school in the anime world they are transported to.


8. Bermuda Triangle: Colorful PastraleBermuda Triangle: Colorful Pastrale

Genre: Fantasy / Music / Slice of Life

Studio: Seven Arcs Pictures

Premiere: Jan. 12

Quick Pitch: The village of Parrel is home to a group of mermaid girls who enjoy spending most of their days together.


9. B-Project: Zecchou*EmotionB-Project: Zecchou*Emotion

Genre: Music / Slice of Life

Studio: BN Pictures

Premiere: Jan. 12

Quick Pitch: Tsubaki is a new hire in the A&R department of Gandala Music, and she is assigned to oversee the idol unit “B-PROJECT.” This is Tsubaki’s first job, and it’s filled with challenging (and fun) moments as she tries to manage a group of idols with differing personalities.


10. Virtual-san LookingVirtual-san Looking

Genre: Comedy / Music

Studio: LIDE

Premiere: Jan. 10

Quick Pitch: A variety show starring over 30 different Virtual Youtubers.

Which originals will you watch?

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