The 10 Anime for Adults That Will Air This Summer

Every anime season is filled with a large variety of shows aimed at different types of viewers. While a lot of anime are shounen (teenage boys), there are works aimed towards adults.

Here are this season’s seinen and josei anime, which are for viewers looking for more mature themes, graphic violence, or human drama.


1Cleanliness Boy! Aoyama-kun (Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun)

Studio: Studio Hibari

Premiere: July 3

Quick pitch: Aoyama is a soccer wiz, but he is also a neat freak. He doesn’t slide tackle or perform headers, and if Aoyama has to throw the ball in, he needs to wear gloves.


2Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.

Skirt no Naka wa Kedamono Deshita.

Studio: Magic Bus

Premiere: July 2

Quick pitch: Shizuka Kominami is an introverted woman who has difficulty talking to men. She attends a mixer but is having difficulty adjusting. A beautiful, older woman named Ryō Kirishima starts talking to Shizuka, and they hit it off. Shizuka decides to spend the night with Ryō and is shocked by a sudden kiss and aggressive foreplay. Thinking that Ryō is a lesbian, Shizuka quickly discovers that Ryō is actually a man.


37O3X Fastest Finger First (Nanamaru Sanbatsu)

Studio: TMS Entertainment

Premiere: July 5

Quick pitch: Shiki is a first-year high school student with a reputation for being a bookworm. He is recruited to become a member of the Quiz Study Group and to participate in fast-paced quiz tournaments.


4Netsuzou TRap

Studio: Creators in Pack

Premiere: July 5

Quick pitch: Yuma and Hotaru have been best friends since childhood. As kids, Yuma would protect Hotaru from bullies, but the roles are reversed once they enter high school! Hotaru is popular and well versed in relationships, which leads to Yuma seek out advice once she gets her first boyfriend.

Hotaru suggests a “dress rehearsal” so Yuma won’t be nervous around her boyfriend, and a deep kiss sows seeds of doubt within Yuma. Feel unsatisfied with her boyfriend, Yuma decides to pursue a secret relationship with Hotaru, who has a boyfriend of her own.


5Saiyuki Reload Blast

Saiyuki Reload BlastGenre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Supernatural

Studio: Platinum Vision

Premiere: July 5

Quick pitch: The Sanzou Party has arrived in India, where the anomaly’s influence is strong. Also waiting for the party is their tragic fate from 500 years ago.




Studio: Zero-G

Premiere: July 7

Quick pitch: The Mizuki Dive Club has fallen on hard times as sponsors continue to withdraw their support. Kayoko Asaki, the club’s new coach, persuades sponsors to get their financial support for another year based on one condition: the club must send one of its members to next year’s Olympics.


7Made in Abyss

Studio: Kinema Citrus

Premiere: July 7

Quick pitch: There is an unexplored cave system known as the “Abyss” which houses mysterious creatures and strange artifacts. Rico is a young girl who lives in a town that is at the edge of the Abyss. She has dreams of becoming a “Cave Raider” like her mother and to solve the mystery of the Abyss. While exploring one day, she discovers a robot that looks like a human boy.


8Hitorijime My Hero

Studio: Encourage Films

Premiere: July 8

Quick pitch: A yaoi series that explores the relationship between high school teacher Kousuke and delinquent student Masahiro. The anime is a spin-off of Hitorijime Boyfriend.


9Centaur’s Worries (Centaur no Nayami)

Studio: Haoliners Animation

Premiere: July 9

Quick pitch: Himeno is a shy, teenage centaur who is about to enter high school life. But she’s not alone in the trying world of teenage romance and school work: all of her classmates and friends are supernatural creatures.


10New Game!!

New Game!!

Genre: Comedy / Slice of Life

Studio: Doga Kobo

Premiere: July 11

Quick pitch: The second season will continue Aoba’s journey to becoming a great video game designer while focusing the difficult (and fun) lives of her co-workers at Eagle Jump.


Are you going to check out any of these anime this season?

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