Takigawa Survives Anime Series Accident and Shares Inspirational Words

Eiji Takigawa is an actor who has made his name performing anime plays (Prince of Tennis, Blood-C, Persona 4 Ultimate) and acting in live action shows (Kamen Rider Kiva, Asura Girl: A Blood-C Tale).

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He has an intense demeanor but fans love him for being sweet, confident, and embracing his cooking hobby. He also graduated law school but loved acting too much to give it up.

Last September, Takigawa suffered a spinal cord injury while filming the live-action Yowamushi PedalTV series. While in the role of Juichi Fukutomi, he was involved in a downhill bicycle crash in the Misakachou Tonoki area.

Yowamushi Pedal

Takigawa has been writing blog posts since December to stay connected with his fans, but his newest post revealed the extent of his injuries for the first time. In the post, Takigawa revealed that he’s paralyzed from the neck-down and has been writing using only his mouth. Takigawa said he couldn’t accept what happened and that he “cried 999 years worth of tears.”

However, he told fans not worry about his mental state because “On the 1,000th year worth of tears, when the sunlight shined on me, something inside me changed. My mind for some reason became calm, and in front of me, I decided on how to start going forward. I told myself and my family, ‘Laugh, I’m alright. Because I’m strong…I will just start from zero then! Haha!.'”

Takigawa says the most difficult after-effects of his injury involves constant headaches or dizziness when he raises his head. He also reported getting sudden, long-last fevers. However, Takigawa says whenever he faces obstacles, he tells himself, “I have a bed, I have food, I have family, I have everyone. It’s warm. I am fortunate.”

Eiji Takigawa
Eiji Takigawa’s first major role was playing Kunimitsu Tezuka in ‘Prince of Tennis’ stage musicals.

But all is not bad – Takigawa shared that slight movement and feeling are beginning to return! A month after the accident, Takigawa’s left thumb had slight movement. The following months have seen slight movement and some feeling in the other fingers on his left hand. He also reported having had a response in his right arm. Takigawa said, “the phenomenon of my body, day by day, coming awake, is incredibly interesting and enjoyable.”

Takigawa asked his fans to fight with him to help improve the recognition of spinal cord injuries in Japan. He finished his blog, saying, “With our combined strength, I will absolutely not give up!! Let’s cut the goal-line tape together! We are strong!”

Yowamushi Pedal 2

Takigawa also had a special message for his family, fans, and the entire staff of the live-action Yowamushi Pedal series, “I will live, with all my might, day by day. The past is the past. From now on I am making my own new path. The straight road that is my own. Toward something that no one yet knows. I will start from zero!”

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