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Japanese Animators are Creating a Way to Automatically Color Anime

Production companies Imagica Group and OLM Digital are teaming up with the Nara Institue of Science and Technology (NAIST) to create an automatic coloring technique!

A.I. Automatically Generates Moe Girls Right on Your Browser

Artificial Intelligence is not a new topic of discussion for the anime community. We’ve had anime producers say that the future of anime is...

Realistic “Dutch Wives” And Otaku Culture

The otaku poster boy and stereotype for those of us who love anime is the ever dishonorable hikikomori. Never leaving our rooms, never bathing and...

The Future of VR and Gaming is Here


Gatebox Virtual Waifu Is Depressing Commentary on How Lonely You Are

The dream is finally coming true for many otaku as a new breakthrough in waifu technology has arrived. Gatebox is an interactive display for your best...