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‘Though You May Burn to Ash’ Manga Creator Has Passed Away

Kadokawa's Monthly Dragon Age made a sad announcement: mangaka Kakashi Oniyazu has passed away.

‘Übel Blatt’ Revenge Manga Will End After 15 Years of Publication

Monthly Big Gangan will publish the final chapter on March 25.

Nope — The ‘Gintama’ Manga Still Hasn’t Ended

Today is the day Gintama ends...kind of. 

Princess Jellyfish Manga Returns From Two-Year Hiatus

Kodansha revealed that Akiko Higashimura's Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime) manga will return from hiatus in the August issue of Kiss. Princess Jellyfish has seen multiple hiatuses over the past couple...

Noragami Manga Enters Extended Hiatus Due to Author’s Health

Kodansha shared some bad news for Noragami fans: the manga is entering extended hiatus because Adachitoka (the duo behind the series) needs more time to recover...

Keijo Creator Talks About Why His Manga Ended

There has been a lot of buzz centering around Daichi Sorayomi ending his Keijo!!!!!!!! manga series. Most manga will end without too much controversy, but Keijo!!!!!!!! found itself...