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“Overlord” Artist Shares Amazing Art Work on Social Media

So-bin is one of the most popular light novel illustrators thanks to their distinct art style and character designs. While known for illustrating the Overlord light, he...

The 21 Anime That Are Inspiring Irresistible Doujin

One of the most common ways to see if a series has staying power within the community is to see how many doujin works...

“Granblue Fantasy” Releases New Promotional Image

Granblue Fantasy released this new promotional image a couple of days ago to tease the upcoming anime Their website has also fully launched at anime.granbluefantasy.jp,...

KonoSuba Artist Shares Gorgeous Fanart on Social Media

Kurone Mishima is one of the most popular light novel illustrators. KonoSuba is the biggest title they have worked on, but they've also contributed...