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Idol Otaku Outspent Anime & Manga Fans Last Year

There's no question that Japan's entertainment industry revolves around otaku pandering, but what is an otaku?

14 Signs You Are A Terrible Anime Fan

We all like anime and wish the best for the medium.

Ariana Grande Can’t Escape Her Japanese Tattoo SNAFU

Ariana Grande is having a rough week.

8 Dos and Don’ts of Introducing New People to Anime

So you want to get a newbie into the anime the scene?

Japanese Stores to Stop Selling Porn Magazines

It's going to be a lot harder to find adult magazines.

Japan’s Next Biggest Fashion Model is Completely Virtual

Anyone who loves Japanese street fashion knows imma!

Young Mangaka Shares How Lonely Most Artists Are & How Fans...

Setta Kobayashi recently Tweeted a unique perspective on what it's like to be a mangaka -- and it's not pretty.

Japanese Animators are Creating a Way to Automatically Color Anime

Production companies Imagica Group and OLM Digital are teaming up with the Nara Institue of Science and Technology (NAIST) to create an automatic coloring technique!

Here is the ‘Attack on Titan’ Draft Shonen Jump Rejected

Nine years after the manga's debut, Kodansha has decided to publish Isayama's first draft -- the one Weekly Shonen Jump turned down.

The ‘Cells at Work!’ Stage Cast Look Right Out of the...

The newest Cells at Work! project is a stage play that will run at Tokyo's Theatre 1010 starting on November 16.

A ‘Haruhi Suzumiya’ Fan Accidentally Solves 25-Year-Old Math Mystery

Robin Houston is a computer scientist and mathematician who inadvertently set off a wave of Haruhi-mania within the science community. 
Peach Koopa

Fans Uncover Nintendo’s Unused “Bowsette” Prototype

It turns out that Nintendo created their own Bowsette while developing Super Mario Odyssey.

Real Life ‘Mario Kart’ Company Loses Lawsuit Against Nintendo

You may have seen videos on social media showcasing Super Mario cosplayer racing through the bustling streets in go-karts.

Sibling Rom-Com ‘The One I Love is a Little Sister’ Cancels...

The first episode's early premiere is canceled due to "production issues."

You May Never Want a Live-Action ‘Berserk’ Due to This Ad

You've never wanted a live-action Berserk adaptation before...and you still might not want it...

Bowsette is Getting Her Own Convention in Japan

Just when you thought the Bowsette trend couldn't get any bigger, something new crops up! First, a single webcomic from Haniwa spawned an entire movement...

Bowsette is Coming to Take Over Your Social Media Feed

How did this wonderous creation come to be?

‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ is Re-imagined as a Live-Action Series

Hollywood is getting a shot at creating a live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender, this time without M. Night Shyamalan!

Christian Pastors Try to Censor a Yuri Manga During Banned Book...

Three influential pastors are demanding that the Rumford Public Library remove My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness since it's "not appropriate for a public library."