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What Older Anime Would You Love to See Remade?

Who wouldn't want to see their favorite stories updated with modern art and some new twists?

What is Your Opinion on the Summer 2018 Season?

What has been your favorite anime this season?

How Has an Anime Impacted Your World View?

There's a ton of great stories out there, and I'm wondering how some of them has impacted the community on a personal level?

The Anime Industry’s Big Issues and What People Say Could Solve...

It's no secret that the anime industry has its fair share of problems. Artists have been speaking out against their sometimes below minimum wage salary and...

What Cute Anime Couples Make Your Heart Pound?

Who doesn't love a great romance? Fans love seeing adorable characters grow as a couple, overcome adversity, go on dates, and simply enjoying life! This...

What Anime Ending Seriously Made You Rage?

You've been following an anime for 12 episodes, sometimes longer, and you're excited about the finale. Spending months staying up to date, discussing plot developments...

Opinion: Why Thinking Critically About Anime Is Important

This article discusses the merits of discussion. Thinking about anime in a critical way not only brings people together but allows people to share ideas in a medium that we all love.

Has an Anime Changed Your World View?

Clannad and Clannad After Story helped me learn to better appreciate the people who are close to me. It's easy to forget about loved ones when you get...

The Two Fatal Errors That Made Oreimo End The Way It...

While Oreimo ended the painful way it did, it could have been (theoretically) avoided.