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Has being an anime fan helped you find friends or made...

I've been an online-only otaku for a few years and have felt more alone because of it lately. I'm wondering if most everyone has this experience or it's because I'm not into the convention scene where most people seem to find their friends.

“Maou-sama, Retry!” is Receiving a TV anime adaptation in 2019

Kurone Kanzaki and Kouji Ogata’s light novel series “Maou-sama, Retry!” will be receiving a TV anime adaptation in 2019.

The Biology of Monster Girls

Monster girls have become a staple of anime released in the last 10 years. These part human part monster characters are often inspired by real world myths and legends. Thus the question is what is the science underpinning these myths and legends and the characters themselves.

5 Underrated Manga to Add on Your Reading List

A list of underrated mangas that are as good or maybe even better than the mainstream.

6 Anime Tropes Fans Should See LESS Of

Why are these tropes even a thing?? More rants on anime....

10 Classical ‘Mahou Shoujo’ Anime That Will Awaken Your Nostalgia

Mahou Shoujo, literally means Magical Girl, is just one of the subgenres of the anime fantasy that is well-known in the classical era of the Japanese animation. Here are 10 mahou shoujo anime that are absolutely filled with ultimate nostalgia

AT&T Buys Controlling Interest In Crunchyroll’s Parent Company

AT&T announced on Tuesday that it has acquired The Chernin Group's controlling interest in Otter Media, the joint venture and holdings company that included...

Why the “Abusive” Tsundere and Yandere Trope Sucks

A random rant against abusive characters in anime

Opinion: Why Thinking Critically About Anime Is Important

This article discusses the merits of discussion. Thinking about anime in a critical way not only brings people together but allows people to share ideas in a medium that we all love.

How Great Anime Shaped Us Into Who We Are

As I was scrolling through Twitter, an interesting tweet by GoBoiano caught my eye. It was a chart of the waifu wars throughout the...

MultiFacet: Fighting Radicalization With Anime

Back in October 2016, we covered Nadir Shirazi’s MultiFacet, an anime project about a world with a single water source. We caught up with...

How Puella Magi Madoka Magica fails Physics

Why Kyubey fails physics and how his plan is doomed to fail.

The Rules of Science in Anime

The rules of anime

Chimeras in Full Metal Alchemist

What exactly are chimeras, and is it possible to make one like we see in Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

Re:Zero’s Biggest Secret is Hidden in Vivid Strike

Re:Zero's biggest secret has been found!

Anime Salaries Infographic

An infographic showing just how much anime creators and artists make. It might be tough to live off this in Tokyo.

Love or Letting Go: How Makoto Shinkai’s Recent Mainstream Presence is...

As Makoto Shinkai’s Your name lands in US theaters this month, more contemporary anime films begin to seek success and viewership within foreign audiences. What have younger generations of animators been doing as old giants like Studio Ghibli seem to be slowly slipping away from the spotlight?

Tsukigakirei: Underrated Romance of the Season

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKTIx2U4ec0 "Kotarou Azumi and Akane Mizuno became third year students at junior high school and are classmates for the first time. These two, along with...