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‘Konosuba’ Movie Trailer Teases An Action-Packed Story

A new Konosuba anime is right around the corner!

2018 Was a Big Year For Anime Films at the Box...

2018 was a big year for anime movies at the box office!

Studio Trigger’s ‘Promare’ Film is Coming This May

Are you ready for Studio Trigger's next offering? You'll only have to wait until May!

‘Mirai’ Anime Film is Nominated at the Oscar Awards

The Oscar nominees and there's anime this time around!

‘Free!’ Anime is Getting an All-New Film in 2020

Kyoto Animation's love affair with the Free! franchise is continuing with an all-new that will debut in summer 2020 -- just in time for the Tokyo Summer Olympics!

Bandai Namco Reveals That They Did NOT Cancel the ‘Klonoa’ Anime

Bandai Namco Entertainment has caught flak for the cancelation of Hitoshi Ariga's Klonoa anime film.

‘Birthday Wonderland’ is Award-Winning Director Hara’s Newest Movie

Birthday Wonderland will open in Japanese theatres on April 26!

New ‘Made in Abyss’ Movie to Continue the Anime’s Story

Made in Abyss is getting a new film project titled Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul!

Sequel ‘Youjo Senki’ Anime Film to Debut This Winter

Are you ready for Tanya's return?

Trigger’s ‘Promare’ Will Be a Throwback to ‘Gurren Lagann’ & ‘Kill...

Studio Trigger unveiled their newest project, and it looks as crazy as Kill la Kill!

Final ‘Sound! Euphonium’ Movie to Debut Next Spring

Kyoto Animation is will debut the final arc of Sound! Euphonium this April.

Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘How do You Live?’ Film Will Open in 3-4...

Hayao Miyazaki has been toiling away at Kimi-tachi wa Dou Ikiru ka (How Do You Live?) for the past two years. Originally, Miyazaki hoped to...

The ‘Code Geass’ Sequel Film Will End the Series Next Winter

Are your ready for Code Geass: Fukkatsu no Lelouch? The production staff finally dropped details on the sequel - which will be a single film. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4XGUWBng80 Code...

‘I Want to Eat Your Pancreas’ Creator Shares Lukewarm Review of...

Anime fans around the globe have been anticipating the premiere of Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai (I Want to Eat Your Pancreas). The premise of a...

‘Made in Abyss’ Compilation Films Hit Theatres in January

While you patiently wait for the Made in Abyss anime sequel, you can rest easy knowing that the first compilation film is coming soon. That's right, Made...

‘Trinity Seven’ is Getting a Sequel Anime Film

The sexy (and action-packed) Trinity Seven is coming back for a new movie. This will be the second movie in the franchise. Kadokawa has been teasing "important...

‘Violet Evergarden’ is Getting an Original Anime Film

Back in March, Kyoto Animation teased that Violet Evergarden is getting a new project. That new project is an all-new anime film. The film was revealed at...

‘Yuri!!! on Ice’ Gets an All-New Anime Film in 2019

The lovely figure skaters of Yuri!!! on Ice are returning for an all-new anime film later this year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wjrCriMOO8 MAPPA is keeping the story details a secret, but...

A Look into the Extraordinary Lives of the Servants of ‘Fate/stay...

For all of you excited about Fate/stay night [Heaven's Feel] I. presage flower being back in theaters this week, here's a look into the stories behind the many Servants from the beloved Fate series that started it all: Fate/stay night.

CoMix Wave Films’ ‘Shikioriori’ Anime Anthology Teases Story Details

CoMix Wave Films, the studio behind Makoto Shinkai's film, shared the first trailer Shikioriori. The anthology film is a collaboration with Haoliners Animation League (To...