‘Spice & Wolf’ is Getting a Virtual Reality Anime

Spice & Wolf fans will have a treat to look forward to as Spicy Tails’ virtual reality anime crowdfunding project is a success! The group ran campaigns on Kickstarter and Campfire, which raised a combined 72,457,073 yen ($668,300).

Spice & Wolf creator Isuna Hasekura represents the Spicy Tails group, whose goal is to make VR anime a viable medium. They are working with the original anime’s production team and main voice cast. Hasekura will write scenarios for the project, which will give viewers an unprecedented viewing experience.

Spice & Wolf VR will be compatible with HTC-VIVE, Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift Go, PSVR, and OculusQuest. Oculus Rift and HTC-VIVE users will be able to move around the anime’s world and approach the characters. There will also be a non-VR, PC-only version.

Spice & Wolf VR

Spicy Tails plans to release Spice & Wolf VR sometime this year and it will include English subtitles.

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