Skrillex & Hikaru Utada Are Working on the ‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Opening Song

Square Enix revealed that Skrillex and Hikaru Utada are teaming up for Kingdom Heart III‘s opening song!

“Face My Fears” is slated to drop on January 18, just ahead of the game’s January 25 release date. The song will have an English and Japanese version, just like the openings from the previous two games — both of which were performed by Utada.

Square Enix also said that the duo is collaborating on the game’s ending song “Don’t Think Twice”, so fans will get a double-dose of J-pop meeting dubstep. “Don’t Think Twice” will also drop on January 18.

Kingdom Hearts III is the long-awaiting sequel into the popular JRPG franchise, which combines Disney’s properties with Square Enix’s sensibilities. Game worlds include Big Hero 6Toy StoryFrozen, and Pirates of the Caribbean — all of which are as popular in Japan as they are in the West.

Kingdom Hearts III

Even more exciting is that director Tetsuya Nomura said that Kingdom Hearts III will not be the franchise’s final entry. It will be the last time Xehanort serves as the antagonist, and a “secret movie” is being produced for the game.

Are you excited about Sora’s latest adventure?

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