Shokugeki no Soma’s Intense “Totsuki Train Arc” Debuts on April 9

Can you smell what the cast of Food War! Shokugeki no Soma is cooking? That’s because you only have a little over a month to wait until the second cour of The Third Plate debuts!

The anime’s official website revealed that the “Totsuki Ressha Hen” (“Totsuki Train Arc”) will premiere on April 9th. “Totsuki Ressha” is part of the series’ larger “Promotion Exams Arc,” which focuses on the first year students traveling to Hokkaido for their promotion exams.

The new arc is going to be filled with intense moments as Soma and his friends are forced into different trains for opposing Central. As a cruel form of punishment, they are forced into shokugeki challenges with the Elite Ten, which they must succeed in if they want to take their promotion exams.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

Season three’s first cour begin airing on October 2017 and is produced by J.C. Staff. The staff and cast (except for Risa Taneda) from the first two seasons returned for The Third Plate. Are you ready for season three’s conclusion?

Baam Amaam
I really like to look at the darker side of things, like a shadow following you at night...or maybe I'm just trying too hard? Anyways, Persona is my life!
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