Ryan Reynolds is Detective Pikachu in New Live Action Film

The live-action Detective Pikachu has finally cast their star role! It’s been revealed that Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool Buried The Proposal) will star as Pikachu. Reynolds will be co-starring alongside Justice Smith, who is known for his roles in Paper Towns and The Get Down.

Ryan Reynolds

Reynolds is known for playing charismatic and comedic characters. The leading man has become a reliable star in Hollywood, having lead hit films like DeadpoolThe Hitman’s Bodyguard, and Woman in Gold being some of his recent successes.

While details remain slim for the movie, the role will require motion-capture and Reynolds’ voice for the role. Detective Pikachu, which is based on a game of the same name, features a Pikachu that can speak to humans. We won’t be graced with Reynolds saying “Pika Pika” for 90 minutes.

Detective Pikachu

In the film, Smith plays a teenager who teams up with Detective Pikachu to search for his kidnapped father. The movie will feature a blend of live-action and CGI, but other details are being kept under wraps by Legendary Entertainment.

Detective Pikachu will begin filming in January 2018.

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