RWBY Volume 5 Premiere Date Announced

The official RWBY Facebook page posted an announcement today, revealing the 5th volume’s premiere date

October 14th is still a quarter of a year away, but fans are already super hyped and excited for the continuation of the story.

In addition to the date reveal, Rooster Teeth also announced three new character shorts to air before the volume premiere. Fan speculation about the character shorts point to them either being about a resolution for the side characters Jaune, Ren and Nora or a catch-up series for Blake, Weiss and Yang that will transition smoothly to Volume 5’s first episode.

RWBY is a future-fantasy anime series created by Monty Oum and produced by Rooster Teeth Productions. It has 52 released episodes since its first launch in 2013, with episodes running from 4 to 28 minutes. The story follows Hunters as they battle the mysterious creatures of destruction called Grimm and other forces that seek to take control of the world.

Are you excited for the new RWBY volume?

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