RomCom “Sanpaku Eyes” Gets an Official Release After Huge Fan Support

Usually, manga and anime are known for their larger than life irises that barely show the whites of the eyes, like in Nagi-Asu: Lull of the Seas.

In real life, fans have even adapted the style by using circle contact lenses to make the irises seem even larger.

Circle Lenses

Contrary to the popular big eye/big iris norm, the Japanese artist Sorato Shunsuke had a vision – to create a romantic but awkward comic about a young woman with “sanpaku eyes”. These are eyes that have a visible white above or below the iris – basically, it’s eyes with small irises.

Sanpaku eyes

Shunsuke’s comic, The Feelings of a Girl with Sanpaku Eyes, pairs the relatable heroine with some next level shyness.

But of course, she awkwardly overcomes her shyness when she gets mega-excited.

This adorable indie comic has won the hearts of the Japanese community within just 6 chapters and has found its own home in the English community thanks to Rotoscopic translating the comic for free just to share the story. And after love note after love note from fans, Square Enix Publishing has taken notice.


If you want to explore the comic yourself, you can read it from the start here or you can help support the artist by buying “The Feelings of a Girl with Sanpaku Eyes” on Amazon.


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