Robin Williams’ Daughter is Asking Fans to Help Identify his Anime Figures

Robin Williams was one of Hollywood’s most loved actors and made a lasting impact with his movies and charity work. Williams was also welcomed by the geek fandom for his avid love of video games and anime.

Zelda Williams, the late actor’s daughter, shared on Twitter that she discovered her father’s extensive figure collection. She’s shared a few Tweets asking fans to help identify some of them, and said that there are thousands of figures that are packed away.

The first figure Zelda shared was of Deunan Knute from Appleseed. The seminal sci-fi series was created by Musamune Shirow (Ghost in the Shell) in 1985 and has received multiple anime adaptations since 1988.

Besides Appleseed, it seems like Robin was a fan of the mecha the genre. Fans were able to identify mecha models from the VOTOMSThe Super Dimension Century Orguss, and Aura Battler Dunbine franchises.


Some of Robin’s non-anime collection includes rare vinyl figures designed by Michael Lau and customized Warhammer 40,000 figures.


Zelda also assured fans that there are boxes filled with Neon Genesis Evangelion memorabilia that she hasn’t gone through. Evangelion is known to be Robin’s favorite anime of all-time, and he once auditioned to voice Gendo Ikari in an English dub.


As for the figures’ future fates? The Williams family may end up auctioning them to benefit one of Robin’s favorite child’s charities.


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