Risa Taneda Tells Fans She’s Trying to Voice Act Once Again

Voice actress Risa Taneda has been a rising star in anime voice acting thanks to her nuanced acting that took center stage in roles like Kaori in Your Lie in April, Mirai in Beyond the Boundary, and Rory in GATE. 

Taneda went on a medical hiatus last year in August to receive treatment for an unspecified throat issue. During that time, she was replaced in by different voice actresses in a handful of roles. Some of the more high profile roles included Mash Kyrelite in Fate/Grand Order (voiced by Rei Takahashi), Kisaki Kondou in WWW.WORKING!! (voiced by Nana Mizuki), and Erina Nakiri in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (voiced by Hisako Kanemoto).

Risa Taneda

Risa began working towards a return to voice acting in August after receiving medical treatment on her throat. Office Ozawa, which is Taneda’s agency, said that it would take some time before she’s able to truly star in anything again.

Last Friday, Taneda issued her first formal message to fans since returning from hiatus. She told fans that her recovery was more difficult than planned and said, “Honestly, being able to return now feels like a miracle to me.” Taneda also said that kind words and letters from fans helped her recover.

Risa Taneda

On the topic, Taneda said that she feels like she is having to restart her career from scratch and she will return at her own pace while keeping her physical condition in mind. However, she did confirm that she’s working on a few projects, but she isn’t ready to announce them yet.

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