Real Life Master Ninja Thief Turns Out to be an Elderly Man

The infamous “Ninja of Heisei” has been caught by Osaka Police…and the unmasking is truly baffling.

The surveillance photo that led to the Ninja of Heisei’s arrest.

Image via The Japan Times

For the past eight years, the police have been haunted by the Ninja of Heisei. The famed ninja thief committed 250 burglaries and stole 30 million yen ($260,000) worth of goods.

After a minor slip up in front of a security camera, the police were able to track down the infamous ninja. It turns out that the agile thief, who prefers to run on walls instead of the street and proved too agile for the police, was a 74-year-old man named Mitsuaki Tanigawa.


The police would pick him after surveillance caught him returning to his hideout after robbing an electronics store. Tanigawa told police that he only needed 10 minutes to sneak into a house and steal cash. He told police that he confidence in his “job” and said that he “hated working and thought that stealing was quicker.”

Following his arrest, the Ninja of Heisei told the press, “If I were younger, I wouldn’t have been caught. I’ll quit now as I’m 74 and old enough.”

SOURCEThe Japan Times
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