‘Psycho-Pass’ is Getting an All-New Anime Film Trilogy

Fuji TV announced that Psycho-Pass is getting a trilogy of new anime movies starting next year. The overall project is titled Psycho-Pass: Sinners of the System and it will consist of “case files” focusing on the series’ different characters.


“Case 1. Tsumi to Bachi” (“Crime and Punishment”) will focus on Nobuchika Ginoza and Mika Shimotsuki.

“Case 2. First Guardian” will focus on Tomomi Masaoka and Teppei Sugo.

“Case 3. Onshuu no Kanata ni” (“On the Other Side of Love and Hate”) will focus on Shinya Kogami.


No other story details for each movie were revealed or where they may take place in the series’ timeline. The trilogy’s production staff and voice cast were not announced.

Psycho-Pass is a cyberpunk series where omnipresent public sensors scan the mental state of every citizen and assign a crime coefficient to them. Excess ratings can lead to detainment or death at the hand of authorities. Inspector Akane Tsunemori is new to the job and is assigned to work with Enforcer Shinya Kogami, who is a former inspector. However, Tsunemori’s trust in the Sybil System wavers after crimes committed by Shoujo Makishima.


Psycho-Pass has grown into one of Japan’s more popular modern franchises. Season 1, which was written by Gen Urobuchi, ran for 22 episodes in 2012. Season 2, which had a different writing team, ran for 11 episodes in 2014. Urobuchi would return to write Psycho-Pass the Movie, which debuted in 2015.

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